IJMB School Fees

ijmb school fees

The following includes the breakdown of expected payments as a viable candidate(s) in all our Study Centers across Nigeria.

All payments are not refundable.

Ilorin Study Center Fees

  • Form Fee – N5,500
  • Art and Commercial Courses Tuition Fee – N100,000
  • Science Courses Tuition fee N110,000
  • Hostel/accommodation fee N50,000 (compulsory)

Total payment – N155,500

Total payment for Sciences – N165,500

Lagos State Study Fees

  • Form Fee – #5,500
  • Tuition Fee – 115,000
  • Accommodation Fee – #60,000

Total payment for Lagos center = #180,500

Abuja Study Center Fees

  • Form Fee – #5,500
  • Tuition Fee – 115,000
  • Accommodation Fee – #60,000

Total payment for Abuja center = #180,500

Enugu Study Center Fees

  • Form Fee – #5,500
  • Tuition Fee – 115,000
  • Accommodation Fee – #50,000
  • Total payment for Abuja center = #170,500

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Installment Payment For IJMB

If you are the type that want to pay installment, we have got you covered.. Here is the way you can pay bit by bit. But the dates are very important, because we won’t allow any default. For the program to run well, the lectures and the running of the administrative responsibilities, you need to pay on time.

Installment payment goes like this

You can only pay IJMB fees twice;

The minimum you can start with to be able to start lectures with other students is #80,000. Which covers your school fees, hostel fee, form/registration fee and other materials.

The remaining #65,500 can be paid two times with arrangement between your parents and the coordinators at our IJMB Centre.

So everything you will be paying for IJMB programme is #145,500 according to the explanations above in Ilorin Centre.

No fee is refundable as long as no mistake is from us.

Do take note, that there will not be any other payment of any sort until your examination time.

Hostel Notice

The hostel is compulsory for all students because:

  1. Over the years, statistics show that students who stay in the school hostel are usually confirmed to be outstanding with excellent result.
  2. The magnitude of IJMB program requires that the students should be encompassed under the watchful eyes of the coordinator, which can only be achieved through the hostel accommodation provided by the school.
  3. The students in the hostel observes prep period, tutorial classes and other academic exercises to enhance the efficiency of students and proper academic monitoring.
  4. Conducive hostel equipped with adequate water and electricity

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The following are the needed requirements to apply for IJMB 

1.  15 passport photographs
2. State of origin certificate
3. Birth certificate or Affidavit
4. O’level result(s) passes including English and Mathematics

5. Student with awaiting result can also apply

6. No entrance examination for IJMB 

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IJMB is an Approved, Proven & Certified nine (9) month Advanced level programme directed by Ahmadu Bello University and having coordinating body in various tertiary institutions and different affiliated study Centres nationwide. The Programme is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for candidates who cannot gain admission to regular degree Programmes in Nigerian Universities for one reason or the other, as the programme only requires candidates O’level results, also awaiting result candidates can Enroll.

  • Approved: By the Federal Government as a platform for securing admission into higher institution in the country and abroad.
  • Proven: Yearly, about 20,000 applicants put in for the programme in which more than 70% fraction successfully secure admission with it into 200 level to their preferred institution & course of study.
  • Certified: By Nigeria University Commission (NUC) as an Advanced level examination that qualify students into 200 level via Direct Entry.